Old fashioned cake donuts are made from sweetened dough that is leavened with baking powder.
They have a denser and cake-like texture.


All our donuts are made from scratch.  Our Donuteers hand cut and hand decorate each individual donut.   
We make things the old fashioned way.

Allergens: Wheat, whole milk, whole eggs, may contain traces of nuts and soy

Old Fashioned Cake Donuts
.Yes, we offer delivery services throughout New Zealand, including same day deliver services in Auckland.
Self isolating? Or working from home? 
We're offer FREE delivery to a 3km radius around our stores. 
IMPORTANT:  It is our recommendation is that our Doornut Donuts are best eaten on the same day. 
Like all of our products we don't use additives, softners and preservatives which means that if you are using our Nationwide Delivery Service they may not arrive at their peak freshness. Of course, we do everything we can to pack the donuts to give them a longer life before sending them on their journey.

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