Boozy Pecan Pie Recipe

If you like to match your pecan pie with bourbon or whiskey, then here's the pecan pie recipe for you.  You can use any smooth, good quality bourbon or whisky.  One of our favourites is Wild Turkey Bourbon, but Jack Daniel's also does the trick.

You can also omit the alcohol.  We find the addition give the finished pie rounder flavours.


Butter Pastry for a single crust 9-½” pie (24cm)


cup Brown Butter, melted

1 teaspoon         Heilala vanilla essence or paste

¾ cup Brown Sugar   

¼ teaspoon Sea Salt

3            Eggs

1 cup Roasted pecans, roughly chopped

¾ cup Corn Syrup   

¼ - ½ cup Bourbon or Whiskey to taste

1 cup White Sugar  

¼ teaspoon Sea Salt

Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F).

Use your favorite flakey pastry recipe, and line a 9-½” pie pan (24cm).  Put in the freezer to chill and harden.  Approximately 15 minutes.  Meanwhile make the filling.

In a large mixing bowl, add your melted brown butter and brown sugar.  Mix together well.  If using a stand mixer, do not over mix – mix until well combined, not fluffy.   Add the eggs and mix well after each addition. Then add the corn syrup.  You can use white or dark corn syrup depending on what you like.  Dark corn syrup adds a deeper caramel flavor.  Add Heilala vanilla and sea salt. Lastly, add the bourbon or whiskey to taste.

Get the pie shell out of the freezer and place on a baking tray.  Place cup of the chopped pecans in the bottom of the unbaked pastry shell.  Add the rest of the pecans to the filling, stir well and then pour the filling into the unbaked pastry shell.

Place your filled pie in the oven on a centre rack and bake for 40-50 minutes or until golden brown.   Ideally the pie is done when the edges of the filling have puffed up and the center of the pie is still a little wobbly.  Let the pie cool before serving - be aware if you slice the pie while it is too warm it won't be set.

Pie Making Tips:

  • Pastry likes the cold.  The colder the better for a flakier crust, from start to finish.
  • If you are using a stand mixer, do not over beat the filling at any stage, otherwise you’ll end up with a cake style pie rather than a pie with a gooey centre.
  • Roasting pecans gives them a better flavor.  Roast them gently in the oven for 5-6 minutes, then let them cool before adding them to your pie.  
  • Every oven is different.  So be sure to adjust the cooking time to suit your oven.


Danielle Butler - The Pie Piper and Doornuts - Pie and Donut Creator

Danielle Butler is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Pie Piper & Doornuts, in Auckland, New Zealand.  She's an expert baker and creator.  Her specialty is in American dessert pies, cakes and other desserts.  Danielle has been featured in magazines like Denizen, New Zealand and Australian Women's Weekly, and has been a guest on radio spots, a judge on baking competitions and guest speaker sharing her knowledge of all things baking and entrepreneurship.  She wants to empower people to create their own special moments with friends and family through food.  Danielle is passionate about combating food insecurity in our communities.

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