The Pie Piper Is Turning Five!

The Pie Piper is turning five! We’ll be celebrating May 28th and 29th - and celebrating like crazy. This has also become a time for us to reflect on how far we've come in the midst of celebrations - who's ready for a trip down memory lane?

Our Fifth Birthday

To celebrate five years, we’re celebrating things in fives - $5 cake slices, $5 dollar tiny pies, $5 for 5 cookies, $5 cheesecake squares. This will all be happening IN STORE on our birthday weekend - so you don’t want to miss out celebrating the five years our store has been open!

But this is a story way more than five years in the making.

The Epic Origin Story

The Pie Piper had humble beginnings right from when founder Danielle was a kid. Danielle grew up in California, and her Kiwi mother Janet taught her how to bake. They had plenty of fruit and nuts in their home in Cali and then their home in Aotearoa, gardens with Danielle’s dad Robert spent a great deal tending. Janet’s combination of American pie recipes and fresh New Zealand ingredients made them a huge hit at every party and potluck! This was a tradition and art that was passed onto Danielle, which was later passed onto Danielle’s daughter Suzanne.

The Pie Piper is Born!

Fast forward to 2014. Danielle and Suzanne got a few ideas about how to spread their love of pie even further - by selling them! And so The Pie Piper was curated. They set up their stall at the Howick Village Market, selling well known classics like Apple Pie and lesser known beauties like Key Lime and Cherry Pie. These pies got people talking, and they couldn’t get enough as each pie grew in popularity.

Hello K'Rd

Turns out a market wasn’t enough… The Pie Piper needed a store to sell these goodies! In May of 2017 Danielle and Suzanne set up shop at the K’Rd store you know and love and added our now beloved donuts and cakes to the menu. We celebrate this Pie-oneering day every year and share even more #pieandhappiness than usual (which is a lot). This brought on a bunch of new people to our Pie Piper family, including Chef Pancho and our store manger Monste who have been with us since we first opened our K'Rd store!

Pie Piper Today

Since then we've branched out even further. Our second store has been set up at Eastridge Shopping Centre, our menu has expanded into diner-worthy savoury delights and we continue to hold events to bring more than just pie and Happiness to all.

We hope you can come in on May 28th and 29th to celebrate with us!Share a pic or two of your favourite Pie Piper memories while you're at it too! Thank you to every customer, sweet tooth and pie fanatic that has come across our little passion project.

Here's to five more years!

Pie and Happiness!

Danielle and the Pipers/Donuteers