A Warmer Winter with Hot Drinks

Those winter chills make for a great night of sitting at home and looking out the window with a warm drink in hand. While a hot cup of tea and coffee is a classic choice, sometimes we want something a bit stronger or exotic. Around the world, there are a number of warm drinks perfect for those winter evenings.


Before we get to other beverages, the good ol’ tea is always a solid choice, especially since there are so many specialty versions of it. Take Argentina’s iconic Yerba Maté - a tea that’ll wake you up, help your digestion and help you socialize. You’ll rarely find maté served in cafes since it’s a drink every family makes at home in their own way to offer to guests. In this way, it’s similar to Morocco’s mint tea made with actual mint leaves: gentle and refreshing.

The Sweeter Things

What’s better than drinking hot chocolate in the winter? Take a page out of the Mexican tradition by dipping some churros into it (or a donut, for that matter). Mexico has at least two hot chocolate drinks, the other being champurrado - milk, water, corn flour, and chocolate. It’s a whole experience. Over in Europe, you can expect the land of Nutella to have something sweet for the winter. Indeed, Italy’s bicerin is a wonderful combination of coffee, whipped cream, and chocolate. Over in the United States, it’s hard to imagine the winter holidays without a cup of eggnog: the usual ingredients include egg yolks, milk, cream, sugar, spices, and spirits. Speaking of spirits…

Raise the degree and feel warmer inside

The classic winter alcoholic drink is the mulled wine, called by many names, like Glühwein in Germany or Glögg in Sweden. Mulled wine can be made pretty much with any wine, fruit, and a bit of something stronger, like brandy. Of course, if you’re in Ireland, may go for a cup of Hot Toddy, where the main ingredient is, unsurprisingly - whisky. 


Of course, can’t leave coffee off the list. Most cultures have their own coffee tradition. Pumpkin spice is a classic at every Starbucks. But if you want to go for something very exotic and winter-friendly, you can’t go wrong with coffee from a country that literally has “ice” in its name. Iceland’s Kúmenkaffi coffee is heavy on caraway, giving it enough spiciness to give pumpkin spice a run for its money.

Every winter day is a chance to cuddle up with a new warm winter drink. Just remember that hot drinks pair best with some dessert.

Pie and Happiness!

Danielle and the Pipers/Donuteers