Easter Treats Around The World 

Here in NZ, we are used to hot cross buns for Easter along with mad dashes to get chocolate eggs in time for an egg hunt. But around the world, all sorts of delightful treats decorate the table for Easter. Let's take a look at what the world has to offer!

Eastern Europe

Easter is called Paskha in Slavic languages, so it’s no surprise that Paskha is the most common Easter dessert. Sometimes more like a cheesecake and at others more like a butter and eggs cake, a paskha can come as frosted and decorated as the baker’s imagination. In Catholic Poland, they like to go all out and create the king of all fruitcakes, the appropriately named Mazurek królewski. This one is all about beautiful design (inside and out) with dried fruits, nuts, jams, and pastes. Fit for a King indeed. They also love making a lamb cake that is almost too cute to eat.

Southern Europe

Would you like some Ricotta for Easter? While not the most obvious connection, Easter Ricotta pie makes more sense once you discover that it’s a tradition in — where else — Italy. They love their Ricotta and you will too after the first bite of that pie. Italians also love making pizzelle cookies, which are not related to pizza but are rather very thin and very crisp waffles that go along with everything.


UK couldn’t pass by a chance to serve fruitcake on Easter. But not just any fruitcake! Their Simnel cake is covered in a generous and colorful serving of marzipan, making it just perfect to have with your cup o’tea. And, of course, how could we forget some yummy Hot Cross Buns? There's still time to order yours now!

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You almost expect the land of the tapas to have a bite-sized, finger-friendly option for your Easter table. And Spain does not disappoint, serving Torrijas, their spin on French toast, with bread soaked in milk (or wine), and perfected with all your favorite spices like cinnamon.But don’t accuse the Spanish of slacking off on Easter until you’ve seen a Mona de Pasqua in the Catalan or Valencian part of the country. It’s not so much about what’s in the Mona de Pasqua rather than the artistic form it takes, like this little chocolate chook above.

Latin America

In Latin America, Cocadas give finger food a whole new meaning. These balls of coconut, condensed milk, and eggs are very sticky but even more delicious.Panamanians love to eat Enyucado, a yuca coconut cake that is a sweet twist on the normally savory yuca dishes.


As everyone who’s seen any Easter-themed TV episodes from the US knows: their Easter is all about chocolate eggs and marshmallow peeps. Kids love discovering the hidden Easter eggs all over the house or lawn. And those soft and cute peeps are a very addictive snack. At Pie Piper, we took a spin on a classic and made Easter Donuts as well. Which of these international Easter treats sounds like it could be your favorite? Do you have a family tradition that involves an interesting Easter treat? Post about it on our Facebook or Instagram.

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Happy Easter!

Danielle and the Pipers/Donuteers