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Here at The Pie Piper and Doornuts we specialize in American inspired baked treats, including gourmet donuts.  Or should I say, doughnuts?  After all, I'm in New Zealand, not the USA.  Honestly, it's easier just to write 'donuts'.  And why Doornuts?  You can blame my husband for that one - Doornuts is about delivering donuts to your door.  Clever once you understand.

Our fantastic team of Donuteers make donuts every day here at our Danielle and her Dad 1970flagship store and bakery on Auckland's iconic K'Rd (Karangahape Road).  We make them from scratch and don't take any shortcuts with pre-mixes and additives, we do things the old fashioned way like your Mama use to do it.  Or in my case, my Dad.   And my Dad was inspired by his Mum, Emila, who would make a huge batch of dough and make everything bread-like for her family of twelve on a daily basis.  I take my hat off to Mama Emila, because that's hard physical work and she didn't have any fancy equipment. Her arms must have been mimicked Linda Hamilton's in Terminator.  

Here at Piper HQ we make vegan yeast raised donuts, old fashioned cake donuts and very soon, cake donuts.  From our yeast raised donut dough, we cut ring donuts and berliners.  Berliners are donuts without holes and filled.   Have a read of Wikipedia if you want the low-down on donuts or doughnuts. A donut is a type of 'fried dough confection or dessert food'.  Yes, fried, not baked.   If you want to bake a cake in a donut shaped pan you are welcome to. But to me that's a cake, not a donut.

The Pie Piper and Doornut Doughnuts being madeOur yeast raised donut dough is vegan (plant based) which means we don't use eggs and dairy which is in your standard donut recipe.  It's a little trickier to make because eggs and dairy are usually an important component in giving baked goods their structure.  Here at Piper HQ, we're proud of our vegan donuts.  It took us over 12-months to develop the dough, and I can honestly say that unless you're a pro-bread maker you wouldn't know that it's a vegan dough. They are delicious!

Making yeast raised donuts here at Piper HQ is a long process.  It takes about 12-15 hours from start to finish.  We make all our donut doughs the day before, and then they get put in our fridges to retard, or proove.  This means that we slow down the fermentation of the dough.  We do that to increase the flavour of the dough, but it also allows the acids (acetic and lactic acids) in the dough to do their thing and work on the gluten and break it down more so it's more easily digestible. 

Have you ever noticed when you eat commercial supermarket bread that it sits as a lump in your stomach?  That's because it's 2-hour bread; bread that takes 2-hours to make from start to finish.  It skips the full development of the acids in the fermentation.  Those acids are one of the keys in breaking down things within a bread dough which allow our system to properly digest those combined ingredients.  I've had numerous discussions with colleagues who have worked in, and are familiar with the science of breads, and have come to the conclusion that mass manufactured breads are not good for our digestive systems.  

Old fashioned and cake donuts are much quicker to make. You can even make old fashioned donuts at home.  They are my go-to in my kitchen when I want to impress family or friends by making donuts on the spot.   If you'd like to know a bit more about those, and how to make them, you can read my post Danielle's Old Fashioned Cake Donut Recipe.

So whether you call donuts, doughnuts, or for us, Doornuts, we hope you can find your donut happinessWe just hope you find your donut happiness with your local independent bakery.  Remember, if you're a Doornuts fan we deliver donuts to your door.  Donut delivery is what we do, and our Donuteers are so happy to make someone's day with a special box of donuts handmade with love.

Thanks for reading!

Danielle - The Pie Piper and Doornuts Pie and Donut Creator

Danielle Butler - The Pie Piper and Doornuts - Pie and Donut Creator

Danielle Butler is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Pie Piper & Doornuts, in Auckland, New Zealand.  She's an expert baker and creator.  Her specialty is in American dessert pies, cakes and other desserts.  Danielle has been featured in magazines like Denizen, New Zealand and Australian Women's Weekly, and has been a guest on radio spots, a judge on baking competitions and guest speaker sharing her knowledge of all things baking and entrepreneurship.  She wants to empower people to create their own special moments with friends and family through food.  Danielle is passionate about combating food insecurity in our communities.

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