For International Donut Day go on a Scavenger Hunt! 🍩

June 5th 2020 will be a special day for our local dessert pie and donut bakery in Auckland. Not just because it’s a Friday. This particular Friday is the International Donut Day. And The Pie Piper is doing something extra special: a donut scavenger hunt!

The Pie Piper team will be in Auckland Central on Friday giving out free donuts. But how to find them? You'll have to watch the video below and guess.

There are three locations and 3-times - 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.  

Our donuts are hand-made (takes 12-hours!), with vegan options, and coming in both classic and many original flavors, the donuts there are each a circle of delicious joy for kids and adults alike.

The hard part is choosing which donut to try (which is why getting a dozen is recommended). Our bakery offers flavors like S’mores, Banoffee Berliner, Princess Leia Cinnamon Glazed Scroll, the Bourbon Maple Donut Bar (yes, with actual bacon on top), and even the legendary Doorffle (a donut combined with… yes, you guessed it). And if you really want to celebrate, you can never go wrong with the Chocolate Rainbow Donut.

We're launching 3 new flavours on International Donut Day; Black Forest, Creme Brulee and Caramel Macchiato.

Visit one of our locations or order that craving online. Happy International Donut Day! Whatever you do, do not go easy on the sprinkles.

Yours in Donuts and Dreams,

Danielle Butler Owner, Baker and Pastry Chef at The Pie Piper and Doornuts

Danielle Butler - The Pie Piper and Doornuts - Pie and Donut Creator

Danielle Butler is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Pie Piper & Doornuts, in Auckland, New Zealand.  She's an expert baker and creator.  Her specialty is in American dessert pies, cakes and other desserts.  Danielle has been featured in magazines like Denizen, New Zealand and Australian Women's Weekly, and has been a guest on radio spots, a judge on baking competitions and guest speaker sharing her knowledge of all things baking and entrepreneurship.  She wants to empower people to create their own special moments with friends and family through food.  Danielle is passionate about combating food insecurity in our communities.

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