5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Swoon Over

Valentine's Day is only a week away! With the Day of Love fast approaching, you could get a bowl of spaghetti and recreate Lady and the Tramp. Or romantically binge the latest Netflix craze. No judgment here. But if you want a fresh Valentine’s Day date idea, here are a few I like.

First date rewind

Was your first date magical? Or was there something you’d like a redo on? Either way, recreating your first date can be the most romantic Valentine’s Day experience. Especially if your relationship has many wonderful years under the belt, here’s a chance to remember how it all began. You can even roleplay strangers meeting each other for that first time, flirting your way into each other’s hearts.

Romantic karaoke

Yes, go as cheesy as you want to, this is a day where no song is off-limits. Don’t stop believing. Let them know that you’ll never gonna give them up, never gonna let them down. And yes, go for that Titanic scene. No one dares judge you! Plus, this one is so easy to do at home to avoid covid exposure or the risk of somebody overhearing your heartfelt serenades. Here’s a list of romantic songs to get you started.

Find your Serenade Here

Scavenger hunt

Even if the stores are all closed, you can still always get what you came for. Led Zeppelin lyrics aside, you can enjoy that summer weather and stretch out both muscles and brain cells by creating and then going on a scavenger hunt. It can be as local as your own home or as adventurous as an amazing race across the city. Thoughtfulness and curiosity are very sexy. You can even write a clue with donuts.

Get your Custom Donuts

Spice it up with adult games

No shame in some adult fun. Quite the opposite. From something as mild as adult card games to something a lot more NSFW that can include sex toys and other activities, this is definitely the day to kick it up a notch. Even regular games can use an adult twist. Naked charades, anyone? Sexy Simon Says? 

Create together

There is so much you can create together for hours of fun in the moment and timeless memories afterward. Maybe it’s a photo album or a collage so you can make memories while reliving your favorite ones. Maybe it’s a vision board so you can dream about the future while loving the present. Maybe it’s that live volcano you’ve always dreamed about making in science class. And if it’s a cake or pie you want to make, our blog has plenty of recipes.

Get Baking Inspiration

Whatever you do, it’ll be special because you’re doing it together. And if you’re up for it, post a pic and tag us @thepiepiper (safe-for-work only, please 😉 ).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With so much love,

Danielle and the Pipers/Donuteers